Lesson plan: Indirect objects and celebrations (template too)

June 19, 2014 1 Comment

Hello this time from Merillville, Indiana, where I’m learning with a group of teachers from that school and other schools across the region. What fun!

This workshop’s focus is proficiency-based lesson planning.  We can say that we’re proficiency-based teachers but where the evidence of that can really be found is in our lesson plans.  Do your lesson plans show that focus?  What evidence can you give?

To help you plan a brain-based lesson that shows a proficiency focus from start to finish, I’ve developed this template with a serious nod to the wonderful Helena Curtain and her unit plan template and another one to Amy Lenord and her guide for navigating authentic resources.

Jenna Ross

Jenna Ross


As an example, here’s the lesson plan I developed when I had the special privilege to (finally!) teach a class of novices this year for the informal Camp Musicuentos in April.  I didn’t want to do something random outside what the students were actually working on, so I asked the regular teacher for guidance and she said “indirect object pronouns in the context of celebrations.”  This lesson plan is what I came up with. You have to read it to figure out why Harry Styles landed on my blog (funny note, I had to Google “teen heartthrob” to find out who teenage girls were crushing on these days – I couldn’t have named anyone from One Direction before that!).  Steal, tweak, use, share your feedback!


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