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  • Curriculum consulting, program review, and conference presentations and workshops to help you create an acquisition-rich environment


  • Ebooks, handouts, and the Black Box podcast: equipping you to push student proficiency



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The innovative language teaching you read about on the Musicuentos blogs works to create an effective learning environment. Bring these concepts and ideas into your school and classroom with Musicuentos curriculum consulting and professional development.

Browse all the Musicuentos options for both on-site and remote consulting services.

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    Musicuentos ebooks and other digital documents help students navigate authentic materials in ways that boost vocabulary and proficiency.

  • Professional development and conferences

    Professional development and program review

    Relevant workshops and sessions on a variety of topics for your professional development needs

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    Conference workshops

    Comprehensive advice for the world language classroom from scope and sequence to lesson planning

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    Curriculum consulting

    Editing, scheduling, revising, and evaluating world language curriculum

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New song: El perdón for two levels

Ever feel behind the times?  I just caught the current #1 song on Latin Billboard and it struck me as having two golden ingredients for a good class song: high… Continue Reading →

March 28, 2015 0 Comments

En español, por favor: Fostering bilingualism in children

This post is primarily for parents wanting to raise bilingual children and educators in elementary immersion programs, but perhaps the rest of you will find something useful here as well…. Continue Reading →

March 26, 2015 6 Comments

It’s not about the I in IPA, or the vocab list

Do you sometimes feel like we’re working in an all-or-nothing profession? I’m not sure if it’s an artifact of social media, of tweets and blog posts designed to be punchy… Continue Reading →

March 24, 2015 2 Comments