cover.JPGMusicuentos ebook guides are simply the best, most in-depth products available to help advanced learners navigate authentic Spanish novels.  La ciudad de las bestias was released in December 2013 (audience: advanced, AP, IB, heritage, and post-secondary, usually level 4 or higher).  The guide to Cajas de cartón was released in October 2014; look next for Esperanza renace (audience: intermediate to pre-advanced, heritage, usually level 3 or higher).


The Musicuentos Black Box Resource Collection


The Musicuentos Black Box is a collection of resources designed to communicate second language acquisition research in a way that teachers can understand and put to use in the classroom. This project was a project of five world language educators, co-sponsored by Musicuentos and Indwelling Language.

Learning activity resources

Many of the handouts and activities you see blogged about on Musicuentos will gradually be organized here for you to download for free or to purchase.  These resources are also available on my TeachersPayTeachers store.