Ready for your intermediate learners to understand – and enjoy – an authentic novel? The Musicuentos ebook guides are simply the best, most in-depth products available to help advanced learners navigate authentic Spanish novels.

Current products include:

Suggested audience: Level 3 or higher (Intermediate, heritage, AP, IB)

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From itineraries to embedded listening, you’ll find great Musicuentos downloads here.

The Musicuentos Trip Itineraries use authentic language, specially selected for being comprehensible and useful, to guide learners through choosing places to visit in a Spanish-speaking country.

Page freebies include my oft-requested performance assessment rubric as well as my oh-so-useful verb pack, a one-tense-per-page handout that’s easy-to-use and indispensable for learners wanting to double-check conjugations or brush up on reasons certain tenses are used. You can also grab my fun back-and-forth writing TweetFest activity and an Es/Está Battleship game printout.

The Musicuentos Black Box Resource CollectionMuscuentos_Black_Box_Podcast301

The Musicuentos Black Box is a collection of ten videocasts designed to communicate second language acquisition research to teachers concisely and comprehensibly. This project was a project of five world language educators, co-sponsored by Musicuentos and Indwelling Language.