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coverLa ciudad de las bestias: A Chapter-by-Chapter Guide to the Novel by Isabel Allende

Simply the best, most in-depth product available to help advanced learners navigate an authentic Spanish novel.
La ciudad de las bestias is an acclaimed novel by Isabel Allende. Alex, an American teenager, reluctantly accompanies his grandmother as part of an expedition to the Amazon in search of the mythical Bestia.
The novel and the guide introduce students to advanced themes such as global challenges. Students think about critical questions like how to care for the environment, what is civilization, and why and how we should protect indigenous peoples.
Each illustrated “chapter” in this 79-page reader’s guide includes vocabulary, comprehension and critical thinking questions, and vocabulary- and proficiency-building activities. Includes a dictionary of all vocabulary at the end. Perfect for advanced, AP, IB, heritage, and post-secondary Spanish classes.

This ebook is now free.  Download includes a license for you to reproduce or distribute the digital ebook for your students for as long as you teach.  Respect copyright law and give credit where credit is due.

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cajas coverCajas de cartón: a chapter-by-chapter guide to the memoir by Francisco Jiménez

In this second Musicuentos ebook guide to an authentic novel, intermediate low through heritage learners can explore the poignant story of Francisco, who immigrated illegally to the United States with his family when he was very young.  Follow his difficult journey growing up as a migrant child laborer in the agriculture industry of 1950’s California.

The guide is 59 illustrated pages of comprehension and critical thinking questions, vocabulary-building activities, and proficiency-focused suggestions to accompany the 12 chapters of the memoir Cajas de cartón.  Includes a glossary of all vocabulary.

The regular purchase price of $39.95 includes a license for you to reproduce or distribute the digital ebook for your students for as long as you teach.  Respect copyright law.

If you’re only interested in the guide for chapter 9, the short story of the same name “Cajas de cartón,” you can purchase that on the resource page for $6.95.

For a great description of how Allison’s experience teaching this book changed between the plain question lists and the elegant ebook guide, see her posts Planning for Cajas de cartón and Literature Conversation Circles.

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