Travel Itineraries

Working on a travel unit or a unit or reader that focuses on a specific country? Drop one if these multimodal activity packs seamlessly into your plans!

Give your Novice learners accessible authentic language with a Musicuentos travel itinerary (coming soon: every Spanish-speaking country)!

Files include 17 pages featuring:

  • Introductory Spanish-only vocabulary (words I think novices may want to know but probably don’t yet)
  • Planning pages, including:
    1) map the trip, 2) find the price and schedule of a plane ticket, 3) investigate the weather, and 4) draw and label items to put in the suitcase
  • 4-city itinerary builder:
    For each city, learners are asked to visit a place in each of three categories. For each category, there are two options, described in authentic Spanish from actual reviews from Trip Advisor. Will you go to the Museo del oro or the Museo Botero in Colombia? The Parque Nacional Tortuguero or the Sea Turtle Conservancy in Costa Rica? Why? Each choice page asks learners to defend their choice in writing, and you can easily make this an interpersonal conversation where pairs find out each other’s choices, as well as a presentational speaking activity.
  • Spanish-English glossary of the vocabulary

Teachers love these resources as a supplement to readers like Peter va a Colombia and Robo en la noche:

I love the layout of this activity. It gives students options to give their opinions, make choices, discuss, etc.
– Erika

This resource is a great way to incorporate authentic resources seamlessly into a unit. Students enjoyed looking up images on their own of all the locations mentioned in the packet! What a great way to add more culture to a unit and provide students with more opportunities to get excited about traveling abroad!

Don’t wait for the trip of a lifetime – grab a packet, open Google Images & Earth, and take your learners on a virtual trip today!

See a sample of the Costa Rica itinerary

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Ready to travel to Colombia? Buy a ticket, check the weather, and pack your bags! You’ll visit Bogotá, Pereira, Cartagena, and Magdalena, in the same order these areas are featured in the reader Peter va a Colombia.

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Costa Rica

Get ready for Costa Rica – buy a ticket, check the weather, and pack your bags! You’ll visit San José, Tortuguero, Golfito, and Nicoya, all in areas are featured in the reader Robo en la noche.

Get immediate access – Buy it now for $12:


¡Viva México! Buy a ticket, check the weather, and pack your bags! You’ll visit San Luis Potosí, Guadalajara, CDMX, and Mérida. Cathedral or art center? Lucha libre experience or ballet? Whatever you choose, ¡buen viaje!

Get immediate access – Buy it now for $12: