Camp Musicuentos 1

Camp Musicuentos…

… was a workshop intended to help teachers collaborate on as much curriculum planning as possible to get ready for a new school year.  This workshop is available by contract. If you’d like to host a face-to-face Camp Musicuentos in your area (or get more information), contact me.

The Brave Little Tailor

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.11.54 AMThe Brave Little Tailor…

… was a series of workshops on how teachers can tailor comprehensible input strategies to fit their own personalities and students in world language classes.  This workshop is in transition to an online webinar format.  Teachers will explore why and how to use more comprehensible target language in the classroom and how to help students transition from passive input to scaffolded interaction to spontaneous output.  Focus strategies will include storytelling and using authentic resources like music, TL websites, and infographics.  For more information or to host a face-to-face The Brave Little Tailor in your area, contact me.

(And if you have no idea where my reference to a brave little tailor came from…)